Testimony from listener at Takeo province (Prey Khchay village, Rovieng commune, Samrong district)

Listener Said; 1. My name is Chann Bo, living in Prey Snoul village, chomreas pen commune, Samrong district, Takeo province. I have been known to Family Radio through my mother, since I was a child. I love Family Radio because my family has changed because of the Family Radio. Before my father did not believe in God, he did not care about hygienic habits after my mother opened the doctor’s program, he listened and followed. Through the gospel my families believed in God and became active Serve. At night, my mother always listening to the woman in the dream and comfort at night, I also listening since teachers Kim San and teacher Chen da advised. I love Family Radio and my family never forgets. It was so refreshing. I listened to a late night teaching me to teach children to love my children and to serve God. May God bless Family Radio more and more.

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